5 reasons to do your purchase from Indian Textile House

India is well-known for housing people of diverse cultures and religions. The type of clothing, textiles, and fabrics are subject to change according to culture. To cater to the need of the huge Indian population there is a need for a large no of textile manufacturers. This is fulfilled by the skilled craftsmen, and artisans working in the textile hubs across India. States like Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Haryana, and Telangana harbor some famous textile manufacturers. Among these Surat has emerged as the leading Textile hub of India. Surat is home to many wholesalers and manufacturers that provide appealing textiles both in quality and design. 

Indian Textile House is a wholesaler that caters to the need of the customer to provide traditional designs of fabric with a touch of trendiness. India is a country famous for its rich festive culture. Being a secular country, it houses citizens of all religions. And all these cultures celebrate an umpty number of festivals, some to worship deities, for cultural heritage, for birth, for anniversaries, for Nation and of course the Big Fat Indian Wedding. The limelight of these festivals and celebrations is the colorful attire worn by people. Quality and the charm of the design are given special focus while selecting clothes for festivals, which is one of the primes focused at Indian Textile House

Sarees are a popular outfit worn by women. There are approximately more than 30 types of sarees in India. And more than 11 traditional draping styles of saree. Apart from sarees, long skirts, and blouses, lehengas, and salwar kameez are some commonly worn outfits. Thus, at Indian Textile House Sarees, lehengas, dupattas, and other dress materials are some of the materials one can easily shop for. 

About Indian Textile House

Indian Textile House is a trusted wholesaler in Shree Kuberji Textile Market in Surat. Shree Kuberji Textile Market was established in 2013 and since then has been following a customer-centric approach to providing the best textile material. 

Worn by approximately 84% of rural and 73% of urban sarees are the most revered outfits, suitable for all weather conditions. Sarees most importantly are suitable for all occasions and can also be worn casually throughout the day. Here at Indian Textile House, you can find some of the finest handloom sarees. Sarees in Cotton, Silk, polyester and other synthetic materials are available at reasonable and affordable prices for bulk ordering. By analyzing the quality and design of sarees, one can understand that Indian textile House strives to keep the Indian tradition alive through embroideries and designs. Instead of wandering in stores for hours searching for the right saree, you can find the match at Indian textile House. 

Lehengas are ethnic wears that suit special occasions well and accentuate the beauty of the person adorning it. The culture of lehengas is believed to have started by the Mughals who used wearing them in the 10th century. Earlier lehengas were made in cotton. Since then lehengas have come a long way and are made using different fabrics. Ghagra, lacha, and chaniya is a three-piece Indian outfit that includes a long skirt. Lehengas differ in the manner they are embroidered. Like weddings, lehengas are pretty expensive and heavier because of the amount of embroidery done over them. Different layers of the pattern are used with the help of golden threads to make it look beautiful. At Indian Textile house you can find the best lehengas that appeal and heighten your style and appearance. 

Other fabrics and dress materials are also available with the ease of ordering online. You can easily visit the Instagram page or website to choose from varied designs and numerous options of fabrics and get them delivered to your doorstep. All of this is available along with the advantage of ordering in bulk from a wholesaler.

5 Reasons to buy sarees from Indian Textile House:

Good Quality and Best designs: 

High-quality fabric is necessary to avoid any irritation and uneasiness while wearing a saree or other dresses. Therefore, strict quality control is practiced and therefore you find high-quality pure and synthetic fabrics and other dress materials. 

In today‚Äôs trend where the youth is driven by the influence of celebrities, it is an absolute necessity to maintain traditionality in the design along with modernity in design. Sarees and lehengas showcase the quality by the amount of embroidery work done over them, which also contributes to the beauty of the product as well. The embroidery and other decorative practices are done by skilled personnel. 


The cost of the textile or fabric is one of the primes focusses of a customer while buying wedding dresses and party wears. While shopping for auspicious purposes the cost of the product should not hinder the shopping experience of the customer, hence the prices are kept affordable. Another advantage of buying from Indian Textile House is to avail of discounts on bulk orders. 

Simple 4-step ordering:

You can select from a wide variety of fabric materials available and to order and get the product, then you have to just follow 4 simple hassle-free steps.

  • Contact Indian Textile House 
  • Choose product and Quality 
  • Avail wholesale discount
  • Get the order 


Trust is one thing that is not built in one day rather, it is built with experience and quality. Numerous customer who shops from Indian Textile House trust in the genuine and worth of the material they are being provided. Indian textile House is a trusted and reputed wholesaler in Surat for superior quality, long-lasting and affordable fabrics. 

Variety of products: 

Although sarees are available, they are not the only materials available at Indian Textile House. A wide range of products like sarees, lehengas, dupattas, and dress materials with traditional designs for the occasion and festive purposes and casual wear are available. Therefore, need not wander around searching for clothes when everything is readily available under one roof.

Other benefits of Indian Textile House

  • The minimum order is kept as low as Rs. 5000 for the benefit of the customer for different fabrics and dress materials.
  • Delivery is done all over India therefore the delivery time is subject to vary according to location. The average delivery time is a week.
  • Bank Transfer,
  • gpay, and Paytm are the online payment methods available.

Shopping from the alluring saree collection in Cotton, Eri, and Muga Silk and other synthetic fabrics like georgette, viscose etc from the best wholesale textile markets akin to Indian Textile House in Surat has become easy through the online shopping options. All these fabrics and clothing are available at pocket friendly prices. The wholesalers in Surat like orient their services for a customer friendly approach by including online ordering and hassle-free payment options. The textile markets in Surat are accustomed to years of experience in understanding the trends of the market and include best of trendy fabrics in their collection keeping in mind the needs of the consumer.