Best Wholesale Textile Markets in Surat

Gujarat is a state famous among travellers for its rich cultural and archaeological beauties, Gujrati dishes, dance forms, festivals, and the Rann of Kutch. It also houses the silk city of India, the city of Surat. Surat is the biggest city in Gujarat situated at the mouth of the Tapi river. Surat is well known for its silk weaving culture since the Mughal era. The weaved silk is processed into fabrics and sold in the vast wholesale textile markets in Surat.

The average turnover of the wholesale textile markets in Surat is around 100 billion. With over 7 lakh machines these markets produce a whopping 25 million meters of fabric each year. In Surat, travellers are not only greeted with delicious delicacies and historic sculptures but also with glittery pieces of jewellery and alluring textile and clothing. Previously known as Suryapur, this city is a hub of the world’s largest diamond manufacturing center. There are more than a dozen wholesale textile markets in Surat, offering almost all types of fabrics with sober yet trendy designs. A wide variety of clothing and dresses is available for all ages, genders, and occasions.

It would be right to rephrase “Kuch din guzariye na Surat me….”

Famous Wholesale Textile Markets in Surat

Surat wholesale textile markets in Surat are populated with pure and high-quality products. The wholesale markets are focused on weaving, yarn production, saree making, decoration through embroidery, and synthetic fabric production. The post-production quality of these products is unmatched in any market in India.

It is easy for a person to find different kinds of fabric suited for all weathers without much hassle in a single place. 

Surat has 150+ wholesale textile markets and here are few of the  wholesale textile markets that you can visit for your next purchasing in Surat.

  1. Shree Kuber Ji Plaza Market: Shree Kuber Ji Plaza market which came into existence in 2013 is well-known amongst the buyers for the quality and variety of the products. Shree Kuber Ji Plaza market is liked by many for the diverse fabric options available at affordable prices. The customer-centric approach of the market is what makes it to the top of the list. Indian Textile House which is a notable wholesale textile wholesaler in Surat is also located in Shree Kuber Ji Plaza Market. You can also order online if you wish to make orders. You will find diverse sarees, fabrics and kids wear that are reasonable and of high quality. 
  1. Surat Textile Market (STM ): Surat textile market is best known among its customer as the market for the latest designs and trendiness. The sarees and other fabrics are checked for quality before being sold in the market. Be it kid’s wear, women’s wear, or men’s wear, the comfortability, and versatility of the fabric are what the Surat textile market has to offer.
  2. J.J.Ac Market: Established in the 1980s the market strives for quality products and customer satisfaction. J.J.Ac Market offers many options for bridal, occasional, and party collections for women.
  1. Adarsh Market-1 and Adarsh Market-2: Textile wholesalers selling sarees, Kurtis, printed shirts, sherwani, and ladies’ wear are commonly found at Adarsh Market. Textile wholesalers in Surat gather at Adarsh Market. At Adarsh Market of Surat, you can find the best deals on textiles of all types.
  1. Millennium Textile Market-1, Market-2, and Market-4: This group of textile markets is renowned for providing customers with the latest and trendy designs at one location. The feasibility of the fabric is what makes shopping a good experience.
  1. Shree Mahalaxmi Textile Market: This market is known to house all types of clothing items for all types of age groups and genders. With the latest designs, it is easy to choose from the best collection of sarees, sherwanis, and other materials. 
  1. Raghukul Textile Market: One of the biggest textile markets in Surat Raghukul textile market is famous for its best range of sarees, from embroidered to printed sarees.
  1. Kohinoor Textile Market: Established in 2010 Kohinoor textile market is well known to cater to the needs of the customer. By keeping in mind the demand of customers and the need for quality, this market produces some very fine fabrics.
  1. Radhakrishna Textile Market ( RKT ): Radhakrishna Textile Market is a satisfactory option when it comes to shopping for special occasions and functions. Established in 2008 this market is famous for its focus on customer demand.
  1. Sri Ram Textile Market: Established in the late 1970s this market is one of the oldest markets. It upholds its name for quality and long-lasting product value. The designs are at par with the trendiness of the market and in accordance with the consumer needs.
  1. Hariom Market: Established in 2011 the Hariom market focuses on the quality of processed fabric and yarn for clothing. The comfortability of textile material is given utmost care.

Reason to Buy from Wholesale Textile Markets in Surat

Wholesale markets are a necessary element of businesses as the management of the flow of the production chain is managed by the wholesalers. Wholesalers are the linking chain between the retail markets and producers. On the other hand, they can also make direct sales to the customer, reducing the need for a retailer. This may help in reducing the overall cost of textiles.

Surat has whooping numbers of wholesalers and therefore is advantageous for customers as they are offered with following benefits:

  • Time-saving
  • Reasonable price 
  • High quality and design of fabric and sarees
  • Latest and trendy designs 
  • Product designs as per customer choice
  • least shipping charges
  • Starting a business with the least investment 

Online Shopping from Surat: 

Online shopping is one of the stress busters. The ease of shopping is incomparable to street shopping. Every product or service is made available at a click of a button. This mode of shopping was unimaginable in the last 50 years. The online platforms make available the latest designs and trends to the customer at low prices and with multiple offers with which a customer can save money. 

Festive offers make it easy for customers to buy in bulk at reasonable prices due to huge discounts on the product price. 

Advantages of online shopping:

  • Time saving 
  • Affordable
  • Latest trends
  • Comparative analysis
  • Return policy
  • Free shipping 

The wholesale textile markets in Surat also provide online shopping options with special offers on the latest trendy and eccentric designs of the fabric of clothing.

High-quality, pure materials are easily accessible online through Indian Textile House which reduces the hassle of market or in-person shopping.